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Integrated Yang Style Tai Chi Association of Australia Inc.

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Tai Chi is one of the most famous Chinese martial art which places emphasis on breathing and mental alertness of its training, with execution of the movements being generally soft. Tai Chi consists of fluid, gentle and graceful, circular movements. Breathing is deepened and slowed, aiding visual and mental concentration, relaxing the body and allowing the life force or "Qi" (a life energy inside the body), as it is known in Chinese, to flow unimpeded throughout the body. These techniques help to integrate the mind and body, and allow the achievement of total harmony of the inner and outer self. A person living in harmony is more likely to be happy, fulfilled and healthy.

The Master-in-charge, Dr. B.H.Hong, is a surgeon who devotes much of his spare time to the teaching and promotion of the Integrated Yang Style Tai Chi. Master Hong has been teaching Tai Chi for many years, at a number of centres around Melbourne.

On February 22, 2000, the Integrated Yang Style Tai Chi Association of Australia Inc. was inaugurated, in recognition of the needs of the growing number of students and the opportunity to channel more resources to the preservation and promotion of this treasure of the Chinese Culture.

The purpose of the Association is to promote and maintain this Integrated Yang Style Tai Chi, to promote and preserve Chinese culture through Tai Chi exercises, to promote health, fitness and wellbeing of all members, and to promote friendship and harmony across all cultures through the practice of Tai Chi.

Today, the association has a membership of well over a hundred active members, with centres in Templestowe, Forest Hill, Wantirna, Wheelers Hill and Kew. Each centre is affiliated with the Chinese language weekend school operating at the respective campuses, with classes conducted on weekends during school terms. Tuition at other times may be arranged (see section entitled "campuses"). All instructors are volunteers with many years of experience, operating under the strict guidance of Master Hong.

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