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Integrated Yang Style Tai Chi Association of Australia Inc.
This page details the important upcoming events that will be held during the course of the year. Every year, the Integrated Yang Style Tai Chi Association holds four important events:

Fund Raising & Karaoke Night Annual General Meeting Tai Chi Dinner Tai Chi Examination Henan Tai Chi Village Memorial Demo Heavenly Queen Temple CNY Demo Grandmaster Chang Tung Sheng Tai Chi

Find out more about these important events and special events by clicking on the links above.

Congratulations to Master Dr Boon Hung Hong for the award of Order of Australia (OAM) medal in the 2019 Australia Day Honours list.

The Medal is in recognition of Master Dr Hong's thirty-odd years service to community health.
  • Founder and teacher of Young Style Tai Chi Association of Australia (IYSTA) since 2000
  • Foundation member and Tai Chi teacher of Chinese Association of Australia since 1982
  • Medicine
    • Former senior lecturer and honorary clinical instructor at University of Melbourne circa 1985
    • Former senior lecturer, Monash University
    • Former examiner, Royal College of Surgeons

The Integrated Yang Style Tai Chi Association's annual social event is the Karaoke Night. All members of the association were invited to come along to eat, sing, and dance.

Information below was the Karaoke Night held for the 2019 year. All members, families and friends were welcomed.

Venue: Doncaster Chinese Lutheran Church
Date: 24th August 2019
Time: 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM

Admission Charges
Current registered member (+1 guest) $10 per person.
Others $20 per person.

All attendants will get:
- Dinner, coffee and tea.
- BYO drinks if you like.
- Yummy Desert.
- A chance to romantically dance and sway your way through the night with your partner.
- A chance to sing and put Elvis to shame!.

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The Annual General Meeting is a formal meeting where all Office Bearers are declared vacant for re-elections. The minutes of the 2019 AGM are published below:

The minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting:

Date: Saturday 23rd November 2019
Location: Forest Hill Secondary College
Mahoneys Road, Forest Hill 3131
(Melway Reference: 62 C5)
Time: 11:00 am
Attendees: Master Boon H. Hong, Robert Chan, Fei Dang, Tien Loh, Lee Ming Loh, Siok Yeoh, Peter Lim, Im See, Quan Tu, Vivienne Dang, Bob Ng, Phillip Chiu, Ivan, Hoa Tu, Lorenzo Fernando.
Apologies: Andrew Perringnon, Siok Lin Yeoh, Hai Hick Lio

Item 1: Acceptance of Minutes from 2018 AGM meeting

The 2018 AGM minutes was unanimously accepted by all members.

Item 02: Actions arising from the 2019 AGM minutes


Item 3. Updates, Events and Activities of current / past year

a) The usual IYSTA social night (Karaoke) was held for 2019 calendar.

b) Tai Chi examinations were held on the month of October at relevant campuses.

c) The annual IYSTA dinner was held at Canton Lake Chinese Restaurant, Box Hill on 19th October 2019.Tai Chi certificates were presented to members who had passed the test. A big thank you to Tien Loh and Vivienne Dang for organizing the event.

Item 4. Report from Treasurer

a) The Association has a positive net balance for year ending 2018/2019 (Details not disclosed on website but can be made available to members).
A formal financial had not been prepared, a proforma financial statement was presented instead. The formal financial statement will be prepared at a later date.

b) The 2019 financial report was unanimously accepted by all members.

Item 5. Open Floor to Members

a) Dr Chan to provide updates.

Item 6. This was an election year for office bearers:

a) All positions were declared vacant and to be re-elected by the Secretary.
b) All positions were filled.
c) Please refer to [The Committee Section] for the new office bearers.

Item 7. Address from Master

a) Our Youtube video continues to receive favourable comments.

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The Integrated Yang Style Tai Chi Association's main social event is the Tai Chi Dinner. All members of the association are invited to come along to meet the members from different campuses. Also, members of the association who passed the Tai Chi Examinations will have their certificates presented by Dr. Hong and the guests of honour. All financial members are subsidised for the dinner.

The Integrated Yang Style Tai Chi Dinner for 2019 will be held at the:
Venue: Canton Lake Chinese Restaurant, Box Hill
Time: 6:30pm.
Date: 19th October 2019.

Members who passed this year's Tai Chi examinations will be awarded IYSTA Tai Chi certificates by Dr Hong.

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The Tai Chi Examination for 2019 was held on the following Saturday, time and venue:
Venue : Forrest Hill campus / Templestowe campus
Times : 09:30 am to 11:00am
Dates : 07 September - 08 September 2019

Successful students from Forest Hills campus in their Tai Chi Examinations for 2019:
Lorenzo Aaron Fernando
Lena Chan
Successful students from Templestowe campus in their Tai Chi Examinations for 2019:
Li Xin Zhou
He Xiao Zhong
See Leng Im
Lydia Cao
The following students from Templestowe Campus were successful in their Tai Chi Examination on 05/08/2018 and 09/09/2018:
Nancy Ho
Guong Xin Cao
Li Juan Liang
Kam Thim Leong
Dr Annie Lee
Lilian Lim
Miranda Ip

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