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Integrated Yang Style Tai Chi Association of Australia Inc.
If you are interested in learning Tai Chi for exercise and to learn the applications of Tai Chi as a martial art, then feel free to turn up to one of the campuses for a free lesson.

If after your free lesson, you are interested in becoming part of the Integrated Yang Style Tai Chi Association of Australia, then speak to the instructor in charge of the campus for a membership form. Upon completion of the form and payment of fees (listed below), you will become an Associate Member for one year.

To become an Ordinary Member, you must have passed the Tai Chi Examination and have received your certificate, which is presented at the Tai Chi Dinner.

Fees for membership of the Integrated Yang Style Tai Chi Association are as follows:

FEES Amount
Entrance Fee: $0
Associate Member annual subscription fee: $20
Ordinary Member annual subscription fee: $20
Tuition Fee: Determined by individual centers

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The mailing list section is no longer relevant for the time being.

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